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Brazilian Wax + V-Facial Special

Ladies, summer is here - which means it's time to soak up the sun in our bikinis! This service offers 2 treatments: a Brazilian Wax and a V-Facial. A Brazilian wax gets rid of all the hair from your bikini area, along with those hard-to-reach areas in the back. The V-Facial focuses only on the vulva and aims to unclog pores with light exfoliation, smooths out bumps, includes extraction. 

50 Minutes             Cost $130

Brazilian Wax - Woman Only

Clean up the most intimate area of your body and leave feeling confident. Hair is waxed from front to back, including the inner backside. If desired can leave a thin strip or triangle of hair in front. NOTE: If you have not had a Brazilian wax with Fejjab Spa allow 45 minutes on your first visit.

30 Minutes             Cost $70 (plus)

Brow Waxing

Clean your brows or reshape them.

15 Minutes             Cost $35 (plus)

Half Leg Wax

Half the Leg, Half the time. For those that are on the go.

30 Minutes             Cost $60 (plus)

Lips, Nose or Chin

Get rid of the facial hair the quick way.

15 Minutes             Cost $20 (plus)

Bikini Wax

Get yourself bikini ready with this quick wax session.

20 Minutes             Cost $49 (plus)


Full-Arm Wax

Full arm wax 

20 Minutes             Cost $55 (plus)

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Half-Arm Wax

Half arm wax

20 Minutes             Cost $40 (plus)

Back Wax

Get yourself bikini ready with this quick wax session.

20 Minutes             Cost $29

download (14).jpg

Back Wax

Back wax

20 Minutes             Cost $75 (plus)


Mid-Section Wax

stomatch section

20 Minutes             Cost $35 (plus)


Full Face Wax

Full Face with out Brows 

20 Minutes             Cost $50 (plus)

Under-Arms Wax

Leaves your under-arms looking clean and silky smooth.

15 Minutes             Cost $40 (plus)

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