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Father's Day Specials (Instagram Post (Square)) (3).jpg

Dad's Retreat Massage

Fathers need massages, too! Whether your man sits at a desk, perches on buildings, or trains regularly for sporting events, his muscles could totally benefit from this service! Your Pick: a Swedish Massage or a Sports Massage. In addition, the following modalities are included in this service: Eucalyptus Aromatherapy (support the respiratory system and known for its' anti-inflammatory benefits) and Hot Stones (Studies show that hot stones improve sleep, circulation and provide better sleep). 

50 Minutes             Cost $160

yelp Detox Lymphatic Massage.jpg

Detox Lymphatic Massage

This month is ALL about Detox (if you couldn't tell) If body wraps is not your thing, then this Detox Lymphatic Massage will work wonders for you! This 50-minute treatment incorporates massage techniques to help your lymphatic drainage system drain properly.

50 Minutes             Cost $145

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Tranquility Massage

Need to Just Relax??

 This 50-minute treatment is a full-body massage of the limbs, back, neck, hands and feet. For extra relaxation we are including a calming lavender aromatherapy! Plus, hot stones are included to support circulation, relieve muscle pain and tension and a snore-inducing scalp massage

50 Minutes             Cost $130


Post Op. Lymphatic Massage 

Post-Op (Post Surgery) massages are very crucial in aiding and promoting healthy healing and also maximizing the results after illness, injury or surgery. At Fejjab Spa, our therapists will work to assist the body in reducing blockage and eliminating toxins to speed up recovery time. Using our specialized techniques we alleviate swelling and inflammation emphasizing manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). We also highly recommend beginning your Post Op massages as soon as possible after a procedure to prevent the formation of fibrosis and fluid build up. The therapist will work on the area in which surgery was performed.

50 Minutes             Cost $125

CBD+ Stressfree Massage book now.jpg

CBD StressFREE Massage

Not just 50 minutes of relaxation, but a completely Level 3 CBD oil-infused massage with many health benefits. Feeling Stressed? This is the massage for you! The combined stress relieving benefits of massage and CBD oil will have you feeling like a new person. 

50 Minutes             Cost $123

Lymphatic Massage

Our Lymphatic Massage removes toxins, alleviates muscle cramps, improves circulation, reduces appearance of varicose veins, promotes drainage of the entire lymphatic system, accelerates liposuction surgery recovery and helps with weight loss. 

50 Minutes             Cost $108

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a smooth gentle massage with the appropriate techniques & essential oils which help to combat fluid retention, reduce feelings of nausea and alleviate the stress and strain on muscles and joints that result from carrying extra weight

50 Minutes             Cost $108

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles)

50 Minutes             Cost $108

90 Minutes             Cost $157

Fejjab Combo Massage

The best of both worlds with more time and deep pressure on the back and shoulders and relaxing swedish massage on the hands, arms, leg and feet.

50 Minutes             Cost $98


Swedish Massage

A full hour of the most popular massage. One of the primary goals of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. This is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction

50 Minutes             Cost $88

90 Minutes             Cost $127

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage takes on a remarkable synergy that dramatically enhances the massage session, leaving the guest relaxed. Aromatherapy massage helps with heart rate, stress, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestion, and the immune system.

50 Minutes             Cost $108

Sports Massage

The particulars of the sports massage technique are specific to the athlete's sport of choice. Focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements.

50 Minutes             Cost $108

Therapeutic Massage

Our Therapeutic Massages specialized treatments are customized for each individual depending on their sprains, pain or concern. The therapist will focus on the affected area to heal and treat the guests specified body part in order to help its recovery.

50 Minutes             Cost $130

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