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The Fejjab Spa team offers a variety of services from facials to massages to hair removal, but one thing holds true to every service we offer, We believe "You Time" is a necessity and we strive for whichever treatment you decide on, to give you the best relaxing experience to renew you and keep you going.

We are constantly traveling to meet new partners, attending seminars, trade shows, trainings and other forms of further education to bring the best services to you.

Below you will find the different treatment categories we currently offer. Click on them to see available treatments.

In such short time, Fejjab Spa has become known for it's great skin care selection. Each one of our Facials is carefully put together to be goal oriented and results driven. The reason behind this is a great anti-aging facial cannot necessary solve your acne problem, or vice versa. Each facial is geared to specific skin types and our Estheticians will do an amazing job guiding you to your new skin.

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Whenever we hear the word "peel" is seems to terrorize many people. But Peels have been revolutionized. About 90% of our peels have zero downtime, yet they still give you a stronger exfoliation and are perfect in helping eliminate hyper-pigmentation, scars, sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles by resurfacing your skin.

There is nothing more renewing than an hour Swedish Massage, or anything more lifting than a Deep Tissue Massage. If it's needed because of body aches, or just looking to relax, massage can fulfill it all.

Keep the hair away longer with our waxing services. Many people are switching to waxing for it's quick procedure and lasting results. Avoid the cuts, bumps and bruises of shaving, and get smooth silky skin with wax.

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