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Non-Membership prices are listed below. With Body Sculpting* treatments, please increase your water intake days before your appointment and do not eat a heavy meal at least 2 hours prior to the service.

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Detox Body Wrap

Let's Detox your Body! The Detox Body Wrap is a non-invasive, zero down time procedure that uses a Paraffin mixture, gland-opening massage and heated body blanket to help your body sweat like-mad and get rid of toxins and unnecessary build up.

1 Hour 20 Minutes          Cost $145


Post Op. Lymphatic Massage* 

Post-Op (Post Surgery) massages are very crucial in aiding and promoting healthy healing and also maximizing the results after illness, injury or surgery. At Fejjab Spa, our therapists will work to assist the body in reducing blockage and eliminating toxins to speed up recovery time. Using our specialized techniques we alleviate swelling and inflammation emphasizing manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). With the approval of your physician, we recommend beginning your Post Op massages as soon as possible after a procedure to prevent the formation of fibrosis and fluid build up. The therapist will work on the area in which surgery was performed.

50 Minutes             Cost $145

Thermogenesis Body Sculpting (TBS)*


During TBS, we apply a frozen solution known as ice therapy to the body. The cold exposure naturally allows the body to create heat, hence triggering thermogenesis. This process helps burn your adipose tissue (white fat cells) and diminishes stored fat. Along with metal therapy, technique and application, TBS will help to reduce sizes, contour the body and tone the skin. To guarantee the best results, we dedicate the full 50 minutes to either the upper body, lower body or face only. TBS is best paired with a healthy diet and consistent exercise.

disclaimer:TBS may cause bruising and/or discomfort. Consult with front desk before booking.

50 Minutes             Cost $150

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Ultrasound Cavitation*

As the name implies, Ultrasound Cavitation is a non-invasive, zero down time procedure that takes full advantage of the benefits of Ultrasound but it also incorporates Radio Frequency to give eye opening fat reducing, anti-cellulite and body contouring results!. A series of 6 -12 sessions is highly recommended for optimal results. Please consult for further details. 

50 Minutes             Cost $135


Brazilian Butt Lift*

Our Brazilian Butt Lift is non-surgical, pain-free and requires zero downtime. Yet with one session you can already begin to see lifting and more shape to your butt. For best results it's best to get a Series of 10.

50 Minutes             Cost $135

August Special

Fejjab Get Snatched*

This is the ultimate Body Sculpting/shaping session.

This includes a session of Ultrasound Cavitation, RadioFrequency, Wood Therapy & Vaccum.

50 Minutes             Cost $155

90 Minutes             Cost $218

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Wood Therapy/Body Sculpting*

Wood therapy is great way to sculpt your body. One wood therapy session is good for shaping one area of you body. Common areas include love handles, butt, tummy and other areas. 

50 Minutes             Cost $135


Full Body Scrub Massage

Is your skin looking and feeling dull? Let's get it smooth and glowing again with a revitalizing full body scrub. Will leave your skin feeling super soft and looking amazing.  ***Showerless Service***

50 Minutes             Cost $118


V-Facial (Woman Only)

The perfect skin treatment for your intimate area. Best if paired with Brazilian wax.

30 Minutes             Cost $90

The Booty Facial (Woman Only)


There are many ways to call it.
Bun, Booty, Butt, Rear-End, whatever you want to call it, this is the perfectly designed facial for your Buns!

45 Minutes             Cost $95

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