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Fejjab Spa strives to offer a remarkable experience with any of our services. We are committed to a complete menu of skin care treaments as well as therapeutic massages. We know that caring for yourself should not be considered a luxury, but a necessity. Therefore, we are determined to have high quality treatments, using the best products.

Hector & Bere
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We are passionate about what we do.  Allow us to guide you to a healthy new skin.






Fejjab Spa was founded years ago inside of a heart yearning for knowledge in the art of skin, beauty, health.


About US:


When our founder of Fejjab Spa started researching and filling herself with every bit of knowledge there was to know about skin care, She was appalled to find out the destructive nature of the many products that were common in the industry.  Although big corporations knew of the toxins that were included with their products, the large part of the people buying it did not. So she began a blog in hopes of educating people of the harmful products they might be using. Surprised by the attention the blog started to receive and the followers requesting more information about certain products and treatments, Berenice began obsessively looking to answer all the questions as best as she could. Dissatisfied with just alerting people of the dangers of bad products and a growing hunger to do more, Fejjab Spa was born.



Mission Statement:

What began in the mind of founder Berenice years ago continues to be within the Fejjab Family today. Our mission is to be able to provide amazing facials and massages using only the most trusted products in the industry. While providing great services, also educate our customers about proper skin care and maintenance.


Meet the Business Owner








Business Owner

I was born and raised in Southern California to parents from Mexico. Being one of the younger daughters in my family gave me a privileged position to see my older brothers and sisters planning their lives and seeing their ambitious minds materialize into promising careers. Having contemplated modeling in my youth and having a true passion towards beauty, made me invest many hours of research, devotion, and sacrifice to understand the best practices and products to keep your skin looking beautiful. After a successful blogging experience, I'm extremely happy to be able to finally have a hands-on approach helping people with their skin problems and bringing out their inner beauty to light.










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