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Classic European Facial

This is not just a relaxing facial but rather a deep cleansing rejuvenating facial. This facial  helps clean up clogged pores (extractions) and polishes the skin. A customized mask to address many skin concerns is applied. High frequency is used to help stimulate collagen and help kill bacteria and finally a little relaxing massage in the neck and shoulders area.

50 Minutes             Cost $85

Acne Fighting Facial

We don't get along with Acne, and neither should you! This Acne Facial Treatment is perfect for you. After we have examined your skin type, we use the best-proven products to treat your skin.

50 Minutes             Cost $85


Man Facial

Let your best version come out!

Who said self care was only for woman?

Deep purifying facial with ingrown hair removal.
Includes extractions, neck and shoulder massage.

50 Minutes             Cost $85

Volcano Deep Purifying

High performance detox facial penetrates deep into pores on your nose, forehead, and t-zone area and squeezes out pore clogging oils, dirt, dead skin, blackheads, bacteria, renews firmness and elasticity on the surface of the skin.

50 Minutes             Cost $85

Express Facial

The Express Facial is our most economical facial offered and works great for those who are on the go. This Facial provides you with a facial cleanse and a face mask to keep your skin looking vibrant!

25 Minutes             Cost $65

oxygen infused facial 1.jpg

Oxygen-Infused Facial

A complete Facial experience including Cleansing, Ultra-Sonic Exfoliation, Black & White Head Removal. Oxygen-Infused Serum for deeper penetration with Anti Aging Benefits..Will leave your skin cleansed,plump, toned. nourished and glowing.

50 Minutes             Cost $110

Anti-Aging Facial

Our Anti-Aging Facial promotes cell rejuvenation and intensively fights against aging, wrinkles and lines. It also aids in firmness of the skin; results are immediate with a more youthful, deeply moisturize and radiant complexion.

50 Minutes             Cost $115


Fejjab Signature Facial

Customized Facial that fits your skin needs.

There is no other facial more personalized to you than this one. Each step includes a fusion of ingredients designed to deliver results.

90 Minutes      Cost $165

Oxygen Mask Facial

This Oxygen Treatment is soothing for most skin types. It targets the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating and refreshing the skin.

50 Minutes             Cost $85


24K Gold Facial

Some Luxury for your SKIN! This facial includes a Gold Mask which helps promote Collagen production. Includes extractions, exfoliation and leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.

50 Minutes             Cost $110

Organic Facial (Seasonal)

It's the ideal facial for the skin care purist who wants a treatment that will leave their skin especially clean, youthful and amazingly nourished.

50 Minutes             Cost $90

Hydrating Facial

Defeat the cold weather with this winter hydrating facial! This is a complete facial with anti-aging properties which includes deep cleansing, nourishing and hydrating benefits. 

50 Minutes             Cost $115

Brightening Facial

Sunscreen is not only for the day at the beach, in reality, we need it every time our skin is exposed UV light. Sun damage is very common with some more severe than others, but this treatment will work wonders in removing sun damage spots.

50 Minutes             Cost $115

Fejjab Back Facial

Our Fejjab Back Facial is designed specifically for your back, this relaxing treatment will help exfoliate, hydrate and also repair your skin's texture. Back facials are also perfect for treating the hard to reach areas of your back. Great for Summer!

50 Minutes             Cost $95

5 in 1 Head to Toe Treatment

Our invigorating and unique Head to Toe treatment provide the ultimate rejuvenating spa experience, thoroughly nourishing your skin and relaxing your body from head to toe. Includes Collagen Facial, back facial, arms, foot, ankle and scalp massage.

1Hr 25 Minutes             Cost $175

Anti-Aging Facial with Microdermabrasian and Neck/Decolletage Treatment

Here is a Combo Anti-Aging Facial! Combining the Anti-Aging Benefits of Flaxx Seed, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Polishing effects of Microdermabrasian and complimenting it with a neck/decolletage firming mask.

50 Minutes             Cost $140

slimming & cellulite body wrap 5.jpg