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1. $30 Initiation Fee will be required to begin membership.


2. Membership will be $89 a month. 


3. Monthly payments will need to be set up as automatic recurring payments to be charged on the 1st of every month. Secured on file Debit Card or Credit Card is required.


4. Additional services will be available for an additional membership fee ($89) .

This excludes add-on services or premium services (ex. Aromatherapy, Microdermabrasion etc.) add ons services can be purchased the day of the treatment for specified upgrade fee found on the upgrade pricing sheet (prices subject to change at Fejjab Spa's consent).

5. Pricing for any Add-ons or premium services will be paid the day of appointment and based off of our most recent upgrades pricing sheet (prices subject to change at Fejjab Spa's consent).




1. One of the following treatments is included per month at no additional cost besides monthly membership fee:

Massages – Swedish Massage.


Facials – Express Facial, Classic European Facial, (Basic) Acne-Fighting Facial, Volcano Deep Purifying Facial, Oxygen Mask Facial, Teen Facial or Man Facial. 

Waxing - Brazilian Wax 

2. Unused treatments will “roll over” to the next month (treatments will not be lost and be available the following month for use) as long as the membership continues active (active meaning customer has not asked to cancel, freeze or has willingly or unwillingly interrupted payment of membership.) 



1. As a member, you are able to upgrade your included treatment for a non-included treatment, but will need to pay the upgrade fee included in the Upgrades Pricing Sheet. 

2. Services/treatments NOT included in the Upgrades Pricing Sheet will need to be paid at regular price.


1. For non-included treatments included in the upgrades pricing sheet, members pay a difference and receive a discount up to 20% depending on the one selected.

2. For non-included treatments NOT included in the upgrades pricing sheet, members will pay regular price. You are able to use (1) roll-over treatment as credit towards payment, and the balance will need to be paid.




1. Appointments can be made via phone, online or in person.

2. When making an appointment, a debit/credit card MUST be on file. You will not be charged for the service, it will only be charged a $25 fee IF there is a No Show OR if appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to appointment.


1. As a active member, you are able to share unused treatments. When doing so, you will need to make the appointment under your name and contact information and in the message box you can write down the name of the person who will be coming in. 

2. Members are responsible for informing their guest(s) of services included in the membership and of any additional costs prior to the reservation.

3. The member's card on file will be charged for any additional charges or add-ons during their visit or during their guest's visit.


1. With an active membership(active meaning that membership is being paid for without disruptions) a member has the membership benefit of unused treatments rolling over/accumulating.

2. Rolled Over treatments will continue to accumulate until December 31st and reset/erase after the end of each calendar year.

3. At the end of each calendar year all roll over/accumulated treatments will reset to 0 (zero).



1. When cancelling your membership, an email must be sent requesting for the membership to be cancelled and must clearly show the full name in which the membership is under. Cancellation cannot be done verbally. This is to maintain the integrity of the agreement, and in no way was established to bring difficulty to cancelling agreements.

2. Cancellation email must be sent BEFORE the date in which membership is charged.

Cancellation emails sent the day membership is charged or after will not stop automatic charge from going through and there will be no refunds for past charges.

3. When membership is cancelled, any treatments, accumulated roll over treatments, or membership benefits will be determined void/cancelled the date cancellation is requested. All roll over treatments are void/cancelled and are no longer valid once Fejjab Spa Membership is cancelled. Please make sure to use any roll over treatments prior to cancelling your Fejjab Spa Membership to avoid losing those accumulated treatment(s). (There is no refund or exchanges)


1. In the case that the card on file has declined, Fejjab Spa will make attempts to collect payment.

2. In case that Fejjab Spa is unable to collect payment, Fejjab Spa has the right to cancel the membership.


3. In the case that Fejjab Spa cancels the membership due to non-payment, all membership benefits, roll over treatments, accumulated treatments will be cancelled/void the day membership is cancelled.


1. A membership may be frozen/paused once every 12 months and for a duration of 3 months maximum. During a frozen period, a member is able to use any roll over/accumulated treatments without being charged the monthly membership fee.

2. Membership CANNOT be frozen for more than 3 months per year. Member CANNOT be frozen for more than 3 months every 12 months


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