7 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Skin

There are literally thousands of lists out there each with unique recommendations on achieving beautiful healthy skin. Some include things like having the proper skin care regime at home or perhaps getting a facial full of antioxidants, but today instead of talking about what you can do, we are going to talk about things you shouldn't do. Or perhaps, to put it more clearly, here are some foods to avoid eating if you want to have healthy skin.

Shell Fish

Oh No! Not the Lobster!

But yes, Crab, Shrimp, Lobster and other shell fish have made it to our Don't eat list. Shell fish has been found to contain high amounts of iodine which can lead to acne. But dont worry, having a Lobster dinner will not equal acne the next day, but frequent consumption of shellfish can lead to acne, especially for those with acne-prone skin.

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Breads, Pastas and other starchy foods are considered high in glycemic content. High Glycemic content was found to be a trigger for acne among young men. The human body processes these starchy foods about the same way it does to sugar, turning it into glucose which in-turn spikes up insulin.


Oh does this list hurt more and more?

Alcohol might not be your best friend when it comes to maintaining healthy skin. Alcohol is a natural diuretic, what this means is that it zaps away(not literally) the moisture in your skin. This leaves your skin dehydrated and dry which in-turn leads to fine lines and wrinkles becoming more visible. It can also cause Rosacea which is not something you want to bring on to your skin.


This is probably not a surprise, but it extends to more than just candy, sugar in general can be disastrous for your skin. There is teenagers in countries were sugar is not popular ingredient who go through their adolescence without any acne. Sugar is one of the leading causes for acne in teenagers, and it also a leading cause in adult acne. Think twice before you reach for the candy jar!

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Large amounts of salt can cause some aging problems especially among middle age people, as salt naturally causes water retention. Water retention can cause swelling, and one of the areas that can swell is the skin around the eyes. The Skin around the eyes is very thin and having some salty food and leave you with puffy eyes the next morning.


The calcium in milk can be very helpful for your bones, but unfortunately not so much for your skin. Milk can be full of hormones, which can effect how your body reacts. In some cases it can cause inflammation, in other cases it can cause oil production to increase. Avoiding skim milk, and going with a organic milk option might be your best bet.

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Although they are great when catching a movie or your favorite tv show, the refined carbs found in many chips can cause a mess for your skin. Refined carbs have been found to increase fine lines and wrinkles and give you a more aged appearance over time. It has also been found that refined carbs is one of the leading causes for adult acne.

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