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What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning Now Trending

What it is it?

As always, the skin industry is in constant movement to find new ways to bring us silky, glowy, clear beautiful skin and dermaplaning has become the hot trend!

What's interesting, is that dermaplaning is not something new, it has been around for over decade and even more in certain cultures, yet it never really became common practice here in the good Ol' US of A.

So what exactly is dermaplaning? and why should I be interested in doing it? For short, dermaplaning is a more aggressive, yet safe, way to exfoliate and remove the dry/dull skin while giving you many more benefits to go along with it. Below are the highlights!

dermaplaning facial in Whittier

Goodbye Fuzz, Goodbye dull skin!

Dermaplaning consists of using a Medical grade 10 gauge blade that is pressed against the skin and gently scrapes off the dry skin layer which in turn, leaves behind new smooth looking skin. This can sound a bit scary, but it is completely pain-free and provides great results.

Have you noticed the thin and fine hair on your skin? it's called Vellus, but many of us know it as "Peach Fuzz". This fuzz is common around the upper lip area and in some cases all over the face. Well, dermaplaning doesn't just remove the dry skin, but thankfully also removes the peach fuzz! This might not sound like a big deal, but the resulting look and feel is a very big deal.

Myth Buster - Some people think that removing facial hair will make it grow back thicker or more abundant, but this is only a old wives' tale and you should not be worried about this. If this was the case, we wouldn't have any bald men walking around.

dermaplaning facial in whittier spa

Benefits Galore!

Dermaplaning is the deepest and a safe way to exfoliate without the fear of scaring or causing damage to the skin. It eliminates about 21 days worth of dead skin cells and helps unroot clogged pores, allowing for deeper product penetration.

Dermaplaning also jump-starts skin healing processes which in turn promote collagen and elastin production making it a great addition to a collagen facial. It's deep exfoliation also benefits clients suffering from hyper-pigmentation and it has shown signs of inhibiting melanin production.

While laser treatments and chemical peels can be painful, dermaplaning is painless and less intrusive, which can be a favorable to pregnant woman who might want to avoid chemicals entering their blood stream.

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