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The Wonders of LED Light Therapy

The Fejjab Spa team is constantly looking into new and innovative ways to help us achieve our overall goal: To make your skin look amazing!! LED Light Therapy is now available as an add on treatment to your everyday facials. This is great news as LED Light Therapy can really bring additional value to your treatments in many different ways, below we have outlined some of it's impressive highlights.

Ultimate Acne Killer

For beginners, LED Light Therapy is 100% chemical free, non - invasive, zero downtime, painless and FDA approved. The LED Light Therapy device comes with several light color options, but the blue light in particular is a known acne fighter. The blue light in as little as 10 minutes can kill any remaining bacteria in the skin which is the cause for breakouts in acne-prone skin. It also helps with lowering any inflammation which can be present and helps speed up healing.

Anti-Aging Benefits

While the blue light is popular with acne-prone skin patients, the red light is just as popular with it's anti-aging properties. With the right wavelength, the light energy is converted into cell energy (produces Adenosine Triphosphate). This cell energy than helps produce Collagen which gives the skin fullness and that plump look, which in turn pushes out folds and wrinkles, making them less visible or completely eliminating them. It also improves elastin which gives skin the ability to bounce back and have that youthful look.

Reduces Large Pores

Although there is no way to make your pores smaller, LED Light Therapy can help make your pores appear visibly smaller with it's skin firming abilities.

Helps with Rosacea & Sun Spots

Led Light Therapy was originally developed to help fast-track the healing of wounds and post surgery scars, because of this, new benefits continue to be discovered. Like helping with rosacea and reduce redness in skin and also helping reduce hyper pigmentation, sun spots and fading scars.

Great right before events

Since treatments are only 10-15 minutes long and the benefits can be seen quickly, LED Light Therapy is becoming a popular treatment done before the wedding day, graduation or even to start the weekend. It can be done as a step within a facial treatment or as a stand alone 15 minute session.

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