11 Things to Know about Massage Sessions

Never had a Massage before?

Here are 11 things you should know about massages if you are considering getting a massage or if you just feel clueless in what to expect from a massage.

1.) What are some of the benefits of getting massages?

There are so many great benefits when it comes to getting a massage and with regular massages the benefits completely increase. Massages help reduce aches and pains from all over the body, reduces stress and tension, helps with head aches, decreases anxiety, improves digestion, reduces stress-related insomnia, Sports injuries, improve blood circulation and strengthens immune system...Phew! the list is long but in reality there is so many benefits when it comes to massage.

2.) Do I have to be fully undressed for the massage?

Most people will leave their underwear or shorts on, some fully undress, it's really your preference. During the entire massage you will be covered with a sheet and the massage therapist will uncover the area he/she is working on and cover it again once their done.

3.) Will the massage therapist be present in the room while I undress?

No, the therapist will NOT be present while you undress. She/he will step out of the room to give you time to undress and lay facing down on the table while she/he washes their hands before the massage.

4.) What should I do during the massage?

One thing I tell my massage customers is just to lay down and relax. It may be difficult specially if you are one of those who over think (lol), its okay though its normal to do that specially when someone tells you to relax, but just let go of your body and thoughts. To relax, some people will just fall asleep. There are people who want to talk during a massage and others just want to enjoy their massage without talking, but it is totally up to you to decide if you would like to talk or not. If you have any questions or feel any discomfort (pressure of massage, room temperature, or general discomfort), please feel free to let the massage therapist know as soon as it occurs so it can be addressed. This is one of the few times you get to completely relax and let someone else take care of you, therefore speak up if there is anything that you would like your therapist to know to help her/him provide you with the best possible experience.

5.) What does everyone experience during a massage?

Everyone's massage experience can be different because every massage therapist has their little differences in techniques and methods of working, which can vary from experience to experience. Here is a general idea of what to expect during your massage session. First, there is a warm up and prep to help relax the body and help you relax and loosen up some of the tension in your body. Then a oil or lotion is applied with long gentle strokes on the area which will be worked on. The pressure will gradually increase, especially in higher tension areas. Throughout the massage session different techniques will be used to help your body in releasing tension, such as pressure points, flowing strokes, gentle strokes, pressure is applied to certain areas and sometimes pulling and gentle stretching as well.

6.) What areas can be massaged in the body?

Most of the body can be massaged including; scalp, face, back, shoulders,arms, neck, hands, fingers, legs (hamstrings & calves) ,glutes (butt), hips, feet & toes. Sometimes the stomach is massaged as well, if there is time and the client wants to be massaged in that area but most people don't like to be massaged there. If there's any area of the body you would not like to have massaged, let the therapist know so that area can be avoided. Personal boundaries are always respected and private/personal areas are not massaged at any time or for any reason.

7.) Is there anything I should do prior to the massage?

You should drink a glass of water, slowly. Use the restroom before the massage that way you don't stop the massage session to use the restroom. Avoid eating a heavy meal and avoid consuming alcohol (any of the two can make you sick afterwards). Its also good to shower before your massage so you can feel at ease and comfortable.

8.) How will I feel after the massage?

This varies from person to person but for the most part people feel at ease and greatly relaxed. Most people immediately feel a difference in their body, relief from aches and pains, others will increase range of motion and flexibility, less tension and stress and will have a restful sleep. There are people who feel tired and others feel full of energy. Its possible to feel a little sore since some massages reach the inner muscle layers. If you experience any type of discomfort perhaps a slightly nauseous, slight headache or fatigued, sit back for a few minutes and drink a tea or water.

9.) What if I feel shy with my body?

We hear some people say this from time to time. But one thing to remember is that massage therapists are professionals who see bodies all the time. Please don't feel shy or embarrassed of any "imperfections" your not here to impress anyone, your here to relax and distress. Bodies are bodies, and our goal is to relax your body not criticize it, besides no one is perfect.

10.) Is there anything else I should know?

Yes, it is very important that you inform your therapist before you schedule your appointment and before the session begins if you have any medical conditions, such as back problems, injuries or surgeries. Some conditions are very delicate and can make massage inadvisable. It is always ideal to speak with your doctor as well and to let them know that you planning to getting a massage. An approval from your doctor may be required but it really depends on the medical condition.

11.) Do I have to have draping?

Yes, draping is absolutely required. During the entire massage session every guest will have a draping for your comfort and warmth, as well as it is for the therapist comfort and respect. At Fejjab Spa we perform professional practice ONLY. It's also required by state law that each guest have draping, and by no means should anyone be completely uncovered.

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