8 Ways to Prevent Breakouts

1. Keep your face clean

Keeping your face clean is the principle step for preventing breakouts and it is recommended that you wash your face with a facial cleanser twice a day! Doing so you will eliminate impurities, dead skin cells and extra oils your face produces that tend to cause breakouts.

It is actually not recommended to wash your face more than twice a day since it may be more harmful to your skin as it might cause irritation. The towel you use also must be clean to not pass bacteria onto your skin and must be soft so it doesn't roughly scrub against your skin.

2. Stay out of the sun

Although many good things come from being in the sun, too much of it can actually damage your skin and cause breakouts, yikes! If you are planning a picnic or day at the beach or any day loaded with exposure to the sun, make sure to bring along a light sunscreen and some moisturizer.

When choosing the sun screen, make sure you select one that is not very heavy with chemicals as it might clog up your pores and provide a fertile ground for breakouts. The moisturizer will keep your face hydrated and also protected from breakouts.

3. Stop touching your face

This might seem like a easy task, but it's incredible how many times we touch our face in a one day. The problem is that every time we do this, we transfer oils and dirt from our hands to our beautiful face, ouch! If it's resting your face on your hand during class, twisting your lip or scratching your chin, avoiding all these will definitely help you reduce your breakouts.

4. Moisturize

There are different moisturizers available for dry, oily or combination skin types, you should make sure you are using the correct one. One thing to look for in your moisturizer is for it to be labeled "noncomedogenic", this intimidating word means that the moisturizer will not cause clogged pores or blackheads.

5. Limit your makeup

Some of us are more dependent on makeup than others but either way we should look to use it as sparingly as possible. Try to choose makeup that doesn't include oils, and when having breakouts try to avoid using foundation, powder or blush as it might clog your pores and cause further breakouts.

6. Choose the right shampoo

When selecting a shampoo make sure to choose one which doesn't have added chemicals and too much fragrance, as this might be a reason for the breakouts in your forehead, jaw, neck and back. Also make sure that you rinse all the shampoo off your hair as lingering substance might also cause breakouts.

7. Watch what you eat

Although eating unhealthy has not been proven to cause breakouts, many doctors agree that keeping a healthy diet can lead to healthy skin. Some of us might even have small unknown allergies to certain foods (like dairy) that affect our immune system and cause allergic reactions in our skin.

8. Change your Pillow Case

An obvious but common error made by many, using the same unwashed pillow case is a immediate reason why some of us breakout. Sleeping with makeup( big no-no) happens some times, the problem is that all makeup, dirt, oil and dead skin cells build up on your pillow case causing serious breakouts quickly.

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